Sinus Ear Ringing

There are many medical conditions that can cause a tinnitus. A person suffering with sinusitis may have tinnitus due to the congested sinus. Ear ringing happens as a result of the congestion of the Eustachian tube with mucous.

What happens when a person has allergic sinusitis attacks?

During a severe sinusitis attack, your sinus gets blocked and you start to get a nasal discharge, which then gives you nasal congestion. Your back or front of the nose may be affected with the congestion.

Why is there such a thing as sinus ear ringing?

It is the blocked sinuses that cause the ear ringing. With a blocked sinus, the Eustachian tube in the ear canal also gets blocked and disrupts the flow of sound into the ears. It is also annoying just like any ordinary type of tinnitus. It can be very tormenting having to suffer from the very bothersome noise but while having problems with nasal congestion.

What can be done to address this problem?

There are nasal sprays, decongestants and antihistamines that may help you control the symptoms of tinnitus. However, for severe cases, especially to those who have regular sinusitis attacks, a surgery can solve the problem.

Is there a chance for ear ringing to stop when the sinus problem is addressed?

Since tinnitus happens because of the sinus problems, the ear ringing also disappears when the sinuses are no longer inflamed. Should you continue to hear an ear ringing without the sinusitis, then try to see a doctor and ask about it.

Is it possible that other conditions are causing the tinnitus and not the sinus problem?

It is totally possible that you may have another health problem causing your tinnitus and not the sinusitis. There are several health problems that may cause tinnitus, like ear infections, ear eax impaction, meniere’s disease, high blood pressure, TMJ disorders, head and neck trauma, and tumors.

The good thing is we have ways to eliminate the sinus ear ringing as well as other health problems that may be causing the tinnitus. Surgery should be last on our list of options and must only be considered when everything else has failed. Trust that the chances of resorting to surgery are very slim. With the numerous tinnitus treatments available in the market today, a patient with tinnitus can live a more meaningful life, without having to suffer from ear ringing. We only live once so we might as well enjoy it.

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